How to Trade Bonds

In this guide, we’ll cover the steps on how to trade bonds with Phillip Securities. This will pertain to the buying and selling of wholesale bonds, which are Over-The-Counter investment products not listed on an exchange, but rather bought and sold between different counter parties directly. As such, the process of trading wholesale bonds is different from stock trading, and we’re here to help you through this process.

As an overview, we’ll run through the steps of opening a trading account, getting bond quotes, place bond trades, and lastly managing settlement and payments. 

Step 1: Opening A Trading Account

Before you’re able to trade bonds, you’ll first need a trading account to transact. Phillip Securities offers a wide range of account types for investors to choose from and enjoy. However for bond investors, the two most popular account types available are:

1) the Cash Management account and;
2) the Margin account.

Here are the features they offer:

You may choose between the two accounts based on preference and needs, or feel free to open both accounts if you’re undecided. 

How Do I Open A Trading Account?

1. Open An Account Online:

To open any custodian account, such as the Margin account, simply visit our online account opening page and you’ll be taken through the steps of the account opening process. With our new MyInfo feature, you may now enjoy a more seamless application process by linking your SingPass details securely. 


2. Open An Account At A Phillip Investor Centre:

You may also drop by any of our Phillip Investor Centres located conveniently all across Singapore to open an account. View our locations and opening hours and give us a visit. 

Simply bring along your NRIC (foreigners: passport/overseas identification card) and our financial advisors will be able to assist you on site. 

If you already have an existing trading account with us, you may contact your respective Financial Advisor or our Customer Care Hotline at 6531 1555 to inquire if it allows for bond trading or to retrieve your account details if you have forgotten them. 

What Features Do I Get From a POEMS Trading Account?

Some features you’ll enjoy at your fingertips having a POEMS trading account include:

  • Free research reports by our Phillip Research team covering both stocks and bonds
  • Indicative bond quotes viewable online
  • As well as access to our fund management facilities such as currency conversion and money market fund. 

Step 2: Viewing Bond Quotes

After your POEMS account has been set up and you’re able to log in, you may start your search for the right bond at the right price. We offer a number of ways for you to view wholesale bond quotes, both online and offline. However, due to being OTC, all bond quotes will be indicative in nature due to absence of an exchange. 

For investors seeking a convenient bond quote search process, you may view quotes online via the POEMS platform or through our bonds website.

1. Viewing Quotes Online On POEMS 2.0

Step 1: Log in to POEMS 2.0.
Step 2: Go to the bonds tab in either Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2)
Step 3: Acknowledge the Accredited Investor disclaimer, required as bonds are an OTC product
Step 4: Search for an issuer via the dropdown or a specific bond via the search bar
Step 5: View indicative bid ask prices
Step 6: View trade details by the trade window (right click on the bond and select trade) – estimated settlement amount, accrued interest, indicative yield

2. Viewing Quotes On The Phillip Bond Website

Step 1: Visit our bond website
Step 2: Search for a bond via the bond search bar or bond finder
Step 3: Select the bond to go to the bond info page
Step 4: View bond details and indicative quotes
Step 5: Calculate trade details via the bond calculator – estimated settlement amount, accrued interest, indicative yield

3. Getting Quotes Offline

For a more personal approach to your bond search, you may contact your respective financial advisor or our bond desk for quotes. Drop our customer care hotline a call to retrieve your financial advisor’s contact if required. You may contact our bond desk at 6212 1818 or

Getting offline quotes could furnish you with firmer quotes as they may be more up to date with counterparty offerings. You may also enquire on settlement amounts, accrued interest, indicative yields, as well as information on other bonds if you wish.

Step 3: Placing A Bond Trade

Once you’re satisfied with your bond search and are happy with a quote, you may now be deciding to place a trade. Once again, we offer both online and offline trading options when placing bond trades.

1. Trading Bonds Online

Online bond trades can be placed on our POEMS 2.0 platform.

From the Bonds tab in Prices (LP1) or Trade (LP2), right-click on the specific bond and select Trade.

The Trade window should then appear as below. You may now key in your order whether to buy or sell, desired indicative price, and your password to proceed.

Once the order is successfully placed, you may view its status under the order status tab. You may amend or withdraw your order here as well.

2. Trading Bonds Offline

For offline trades, you may contact your respective financial advisor or our bond desk at 6212 1818 to place your order. Placing subscriptions for new bond issues have to be done through these channels as well.

If this is your first time trading bonds with us, we recommend placing your first bond order through a financial advisor as they will be able to comprehensively guide you through the steps for future ease of trading.

Important note:

Due to bond trades being Over-The-Counter, your bond order may not be guaranteed execution as it is subjected to availability of supply and demand in the market at the time of trade.

Upon completion of your bond order, you will received a confirmation email or notice from your financial advisor.

Step 4: Settlement And Payment

Prior to bond purchases, the purchase amount of funds should be deposited into your trading account before placing the trade. Post-funding arrangements may be explored on a case by case basis. Kindly contact your financial advisor for assistance. 

Alternatively, find out how you may purchase bonds without additional cash outlay with Bond Financing.

How do I make payment into my trading account?

This can be done through your bank’s Electronic Payment for Shares (“EPS”) system or by a cheque deposit at any of our branches, referenced to your trading account number.

How do I receive my bond sales proceeds?

For completed bond sales, sales proceeds will be deposited into your trading account for custodian accounts (margin account), or directly into your bank account for cash management accounts. Cash in your trading account can be transferred into your bank account with ease, visit the link to learn how.

Bottom Line

This covers our overview of the entire bond trading process with Phillip Securities, from opening an account to placing trades and handling settlement. If you would like to learn or inquire more about these steps, you may contact our bond desk at 62121818 or

We’re happy to be a part of your fixed income investment journey.


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