HYFSP 6% Perpetual

Issuer Hyflux Ltd ISIN SG31B4000005
Industry Waste & Environment Services & Equipment Rating (Moody’s/Fitch/S&P) NA/NA/N/A
Currency SGD Amount Issued 500,000.00 (M)
Coupon Rate 6.00% Outstanding 500,000.00 (M)
Coupon Frequency S/A Minimum Investment Amount 1,000.00
Maturity Perpetual Incremental Amount 1,000.00
Call Date 2020-05-27 1st Coupon Date 2016-05-27
Rank Subordinated Type Variable
CPN 6% TO 27-May-20; THEREAFTER REFIX AT 4Y SOR + 4.20% (INITIAL SPREAD) + 2.00%.

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